Forestry mulching is a perfect option for land clearing and vegetation control. A single machine is used to cut, grind, clear trees, remove stumps, & brush leaving behind a shredded blanket of mulch. This protective layer of organic material is left to break down and be reintroduced into the soil, making it richer and more fertile. The biodegradable top-layer (mulch) becomes a natural protective barrier over the soil that stabilizes the ground, prevents erosion, and encourages native plant growth and there is zero waste involved, no need in burn piles or hauling away.


What Does Forestry Mulching Consist Of? 

  • Tree & Brush Removal - Our forestry mulching equipment is designed to cut and grind trees including very thick overgrowth and brush leaving a very nice mulch finish product.

  • Stump Grinding - Do you have trees that were cut down but stumps left behind on your property? Using our forestry mulching equipment we will grind the stumps and roots down to subsoil, everything will be under the dirt leaving a very nice clean finish and property that is easier to manage.

  • Land Restoration - We restore what used to be pastures and beautiful open fields that have been invaded and took over with unwanted vegetation, brush, and trees. Give your property the attention it deserves and take back your land. Your land will be able to be managed efficiently moving forward with ease.

  • Build Site Prep - Lot and build site clearing, no matter how thick the overgrowth is we will mulch the trees, stumps, and all heavy brush. This is the first step for all build sites that are wooded / overgrown with trees and brush. With a nice cleared lot this enables other equipment to come on scene to start any grading and excavation with ease.

Recent Forestry Mulching Projects


All services are handled with safety, efficiency, and affordability.