Land Clearing


There are a number of reasons why our customers are in need of land clearing services. Often the customer is looking to reclaim property. Open up pastures and enjoy a wide open view. Even on smaller properties removing trees will provide an opportunity to increase and enjoy a larger lawn area.

Developers and Home builders call on Clune Land Services as a resource for removing years of wooded and overgrown tracts of land so they can take the next steps for residential and commercial development. 

  • Selective Land Clearing -  Selective Land Clearing is a process in which the customer has decided on what not to touch during a typical land clearing project. For example you want to remove all overgrowth and trees but want all walnut trees to be left alone, that is selective land clearing. Maybe you're planning to harvest your hardwoods in the upcoming years and want to save all mature trees or simply leave certain trees left alone for what's the most appealing. We can help and guide decisions during the project, we have a great eye for detail.
  • Site Development | Residential & Commercial - We work closely with new home builders that are clearing land for residential tracts and commercial buildings. Which includes but certainly not limited to: Reclaiming Land, Lot Clearing for new home construction, Clearing fence rows, Wildlife food plots, brush and overgrowth, rocks boulders, trees and stumps. 
  • Right of Ways - Typically we work directly with city, county or utility providers to clear land for new utilities, protect existing assets or maintain access to assets. Overhead electric or cable lines, roadways between properties, pathways, walkways and riding trails.
Next Steps… The Clune Land Clearing Process
  • Project Clarity
  • OnSite Inspection
  • Proposal / Project Approval
  • Equipment Mobilization 
  • Ongoing Project Updates
  • Project Wrap Up
  • Project Follow Up (4-6 Weeks After Project Completion) 

Once a customer has made an inquiry for land clearing we will first discuss the project to get an understanding of what is the goal and the timeframe. Once we have gathered some key information from the customer we will then do some homework on the property, using specialized software to map out the land this will give us a better understanding for the project so we are one step ahead when we arrive to complete a no cost site inspection. A site inspection gives us the opportunity to meet the customer(s) in person and familiarize ourselves with the property. During the site inspection we will discuss many things like the outcome goal, ideas, timeline, and what equipment this will involve. Once we have all key information needed we will supply an estimate to the customer for approval, once approved we will set a date to mobilize equipment to the property and start on the project. We will provide updates ( photos, videos, aerials) during the project to the customer. Once the project is complete and we have achieved the customers goal we will follow up in 4-6 weeks to check in on how things are going!

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