/ Forestry Mulching

Years of overgrowth GONE

We used our Shearex Forestry Mulcher on this property and the finished results are amazing! We used one machine to clear this, no mess, no burn piles, no erosion

/ Land Management

Fence Row Restoration

We cleaned over 1500′ of fence rows for a customer that got out of control! The customer is now able to maintain and keep their fence rows looking nice! Check out the video!

/ Residential & Agriculture Fencing

Residential & Agriculture Fencing

Whatever your project might be, Privacy fencing, Livestock fencing, Equine Fencing , We have you covered and it adds value to your property. A great investment!

/ Land Management

Pasture Restoration!

Reclaimed an overgrown pasture today for a customer, they are going to have some happy horses! Check out the before and after pictures!

/ Grading & Excavating

No More Drainage Issues!

Customer had bad drainage issues, water getting behind there garage, water holding in areas of there yard and to top it off they had a steep bank to mow! Until they called… US! The grade going to there creek bank was about 10″ higher, no wonder the water had no where to go..and the french… Continue reading No More Drainage Issues!

/ Forestry Mulching

What a difference!

Customer wanted tree line mulched back and we also opened up some very thick woods / undergrowth! Check out the before and after pictures


All services are handled with safety, efficiency, and affordability.