Our Approach

Owned and operated by Conner Clune.
A family owned business located in the heart of Middle Tennessee.
Please know, I take great pride in our work, paying a great deal of attention to the details. I will personally meet every customer to discuss your vision and turn your dream into reality. You have my word that each job will be done as if it were my own property. My background is in industrial maintenance and engineering, but my passion is in the outdoors operating equipment. After much planning I took the leap of faith and formed Clune Land Services to give customers the quality land service they deserve



Many, if not all of our clients have a vision for their land or project. Often our first call is all about learning more about that vision. We look to learn as much as we can, so that your project becomes our project.


With the vision revealed, we begin to discover the next best steps to bring the vision to reality. With our resources, we begin to review and discover needs, almost always leading to an onsite inspection to confirm and adjust as needed.

A Clune Land Services site inspection allows us to nail down the details. Obtain an accurate measurement of land to be cleared, overgrowth to be mulched or maybe linear footage of fencing to be constructed. Operating this way allows us to be efficient and cost effective for your benefit.
With your cost and timeline approval we set a date and mobilize. Like a well oiled machine we roll out, mark the property/project, materials dropped on site and the team executes the plan.
The previous steps set Clune Land Services up for success. Bringing your vision into reality. Our follow up is what separates us from the rest. We are in business for the long haul. Relationships matter to us. 4 - 6 weeks after every job, we look to do a post project meeting to ensure everything is as planned and expectations exceeded. That is the Clune Land Services commitment.


All services are handled with safety, efficiency, and affordability.